PWCC Vault

Vault Price Comparison

Use the calculator below to compare housing your collection in the PWCC Vault vs. other options for your cards:


How Billing Works

You are invoiced each month based on the storage fees for that month. Your invoice is sent to your email on record and you simply pay that month's invoice. Payment can be remitted on our website with account funds, a credit card, or you may send a check, wire, or ACH. Prorated invoices may be generated if you ship, sell, or otherwise take action on your cards.. To get started, just send your cards to your unique PWCC Vault mailing address, there are no upfront fees to pay now!

Intake and Storage Fee Breakdown

  • Archival Fee
    • Graded Cards – 1% of insurance value is charged at intake of assets (minimum fee of $2 per asset and a maximum fee of $100 per asset). Note: completely-graded sets, mixed-grading-company sets or sets registered with PSA, SGC, and/or Beckett use the same ingestion process as single graded cards.
    • Ungraded Cards – 1% of insurance value is charged at intake of assets (minimum fee of $10 per asset and maximum fee of $100 per asset).
  • First-Year Storage Fees
    • 0.5% of insurance value will be charged for the first full year, billed monthly. The remaining fees for this first year will charged if items are removed from the Vault during the first year, but it will be prorated if items are sold mid-year through a PWCC Marketplace.
  • Long-Term Storage Fees
    • 0.25% of insurance value will be charged for the second and subsequent years of storage. These fees will be billed monthly and will be prorated for the actual duration of service.
Please note that a $0.50 processing fee will be added to any invoice under $2.

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