The Vault is The Most Cost-Effective Solution in The Industry For Storing, Insuring, Viewing, and Selling Trading Card Assets.


1% of insurance value, max fee of $100 per asset
  • *Graded cards: $2 minimum and $100 maximum fee per asset
  • Ungraded cards: $10 minimum and $100 maximum fee per asset
  • Sets: Completely graded sets, mixed-grading company sets, or sets registered with PSA, SGC, and/or Beckett use the same ingestion process as single graded cards

First Year Storage Fees**

0.5% of insurance value, billed monthly
**The remaining fees for the first year will be charged if items have been removed from the Vault but will be prorated if sold through a PWCC Marketplace

Long Term Storage Fees**

0.25% of insurance value, billed monthly
***Fee for the second and subsequent years of storage will be prorated for the actual duration of service.

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Vault Price Comparison

Use the calculator below to compare housing your collection in the PWCC Vault vs. other options for your cards:



Vault Members can easily list their assets for sale on the Vault Marketplace. The rates outlined below include PWCC's listing, customer service, and fulfillment services and well as all third party fees associated with the sales process (eBay, PayPal, shipping).

Individual Graded Cards1


Item Sale Price (Minimum $20 Item Value Required) Rate
Less than $50 $5 + 10%
$50 - $199.99 15.0%
$200 - $999.99 13.5%
$1,000 - $1,999.99 12%
$2,000 - $2,999.99 11%
$3,000 - $3,999.99 10%
$4,000 - $4,999.99 9%
$5,000 + 8%
1Volume discounts available for Individual Graded Card submissions over 250 and over 500 cards. Discounts are described below. Note that PWCC may group items together into group lots if individual items don’t meet the minimum values. Volume discounts are assessed based on lot count; items grouped into a lot are counted as one lot. Graded packs, tickets, and other slabbed items (i.e. cut autographs) are treated like Individual Graded Cards.
Volume Discount For Cards Under $50*
250 Card Volume Discount: Items 0 - $50 = $4 + 10%
500 Card Volume Discount: Items 0 - $50 = $3 + 10%
*As advertised rates for items over $50

Unopened Wax & Factory Sealed Raw2

Item Sale Price (Minimum $50 Item Value Required) Rate
Less than $100 $10 + 10%
$100 - $199.99 20.0%
$200 - $499.99 17.5%
$500 - $1,999.99 15%
$2,000 - $4,999.99 12.5%
$5,000 + 10%
2Unopened wax must be authenticated by a reputable 3rd party or factory sealed by the manufacturer.

Multi-Item Group Lots3, Memorabilia4

Item Sale Price (Minimum $100 Item Value Required) Rate
Less than $200 $20 + 10%
$200 - $499.99 20%
$500 - $999.99 17.5%
$1,000 - $1,999.99 15.0%
$2,000 - $4,999.99 12.5%
$5,000 + 10%
3All Multi-Item Group Lots & Memorabilia must be approved by PWCC prior to shipment. Please contact us to get approval and obtain preparation instructions to ensure items are received in a suitable condition. Group Lots and other items that require additional preparation by PWCC staff may be subjected to a $50/hr fee.
4Memorabilia and misc signed items must be authenticated by a reputable 3rd party such as PSA/DNA, JSA, UDA, Steiner, or similar.

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