We've worked hard to make purchasing and selling items on the Vault Marketplace as painless as possible. To enable the best experience, we need you to work with us to do a little setup before you can start.

We realize that many of our clients may already have one or more of these accounts, so we've made this page generic to cover all of the requirments we need your help with.

We require all buyers and sellers to have these three things setup before they can participate in the PWCC Vault Marketplace:

  1. A PWCC User Account
    Go to our Sign Up page and Create your PWCC User Account . PWCC User Accounts come with many benefits just by themselves, including, but not limited to: special access to analytics data, historical pricing, and our industry leading member's dashboard.
  2. A PWCC Marketplace Account
    Once you've created your PWCC User account, the next step is to Create your PWCC Marketplace Account . PWCC Marketplace Accounts are required to be able to buy and sell on the Vault Marketplace and also allow you to Consign with our Auction services.
  3. A PWCC Vault Account
    After you've created your PWCC User and Marketplace accounts, the final step is to Create your PWCC Vault Account . PWCC Vault Accounts are required to be able to buy and sell on the Vault Marketplace and also allow you to use our Vault Services to store and insure your assets.

Once you complete these requirements, you'll be able to purchase, make offers on items, and manage your own listings on the PWCC Vault Marketplace. We look forward to working with you!

Become a Member

Create an account to receive your custom Vault mailing address, join our mailing list, sell on our Marketplaces, and gain full access to our suite of investor tools – including the PWCC Indices, Market Price Research tool, and Auction History sales database.

Submit to Auction

PWCC manages the largest trading card auction venue in the world, comprising 12 annual auction events that run every month of the year, and we are always accepting submissions. We reach the most bidders, average the highest prices, have the lowest fee schedule, and fully manage your listing, fulfillment, service, and billing.