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I've been collecting sports cards for over 35 years. I've bought and sold cards using several auction houses and venues however, I feel that PWCC Auctions may be the best of them. I've been acquiring several of my wish list cards through their auctions in addition to consigning my excess cards. All in all, PWCC is a one stop auction and consignment service that is unparalleled in this industry.

— J.B. NY

PWCC is a great firm whether you are a buyer or seller. They are one of the top two firms in our business. The PWCC folks are extremely professional, extremely friendly, extremely reliable, and extremely easy to work with. On the sales side, their marketing is top rate, they normally get very competitive prices, and they pay quickly. On the buy side, their descriptions are accurate and not filled with meaningless info, they ship quickly, and they are quick to respond to queries. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to consign memorabilia or who wants to buy some.

— S.S., CT

PWCC provides a professional auction service that offers a highly visible stage for your cards, excellent communication and documentation throughout and highly competitive fee percentages, all while eliminating the seller's work of dealing with multiple individual buyers, auction listings, packing and mailing. PWCC has been doing this for years and their reputation is well known. I highly recommend them.

— M.M., CA

I am a consistent seller of memorabilia on eBay but anytime I want to get top dollar, exceptional service and marketing I send my items to PWCC and let them do their thing. Great results and fast turnaround pay are PWCC's hallmark.

— M.Z., IL

I sold a considerable amount of vintage cards through Brent this past year. His organizational skills combined with his presentation had a direct effect on the profit realized.

— R.P., MA

I'm only a small volume collector/seller and PWCC leads the way BY FAR in this industry, with respect to making the consignment of auction items simple, quick and honest. Keep doing what you're doing!

— M.I., CAN

I am a collector and tried PWCC with two set breaks, a 1954 and 1955. I spoke with PWCC several times about the best way to break the sets, and I was impressed by the amount of bids on each lot along with the total return I made. Every step of the process was enhanced with true professionalism. I would recommend PWCC over the bigger auction houses. as your returns will be higher!

— R.A., NC

I am very picky who I choose to consign to when I do. I was recommended to Brent due to his honesty and integrity. I have spoken to Brent a few times and agree. I have consigned high grade sets and have been very happy with the results and attention to detail in the sets when listed. When consigning I feel very confident that he describes the sets well and that if any edits are necessary they are reviewed taken into consideration. I feel that he is an honest consignee with great customer service and highly recommend his services.

— E.D., CT

I look forward to PWCC's monthly auctions and do most of my buying in their auctions. The photos are crystal clear and I thoroughly trust the accompanying descriptions. I have also consigned to PWCC and feel that I receive the best sale prices and always receive quick and completely accurate payment.

— G.D., PA

PWCC provides a quick and easy way to sell my cards on eBay. PWCC simplifies the process and quick turnarounds, while getting maximum exposure to listings. Highly recommend.

— E.L., NY

Brent and his team at PWCC are very good at what they do. I have consigned with them numerous times and each time my collection was presented in an accurate and professional manner, allowing me to realize high end prices on each of my Cards. Do business with Brent. You will not regret it.

— R.H., HI

There is no longer any reason for me to use eBay to sell my cards. Instead, I rely on PWCC to sell them for me! PWCC does all the work associated with getting the cards listed and sold, and their professional experience is evident in their detailed card descriptions. Their commissions are quite reasonable and they always get top dollar for my cards!

— F.P., CO

PWCC is one of the premiere card sellers on eBay for good reason. Their professionalism and attention to detail is 2nd to none. They would be successful if they choose to sell off eBay as well.

— B.W., NC

I have used Brent on 3 occasions. It's a pleasure to do business with him and his company. First class all the way. It's fast, easy, safe and secure. With his reputation around the country, I promise you will get top dollar for your prized possessions.

— B.M., IL.

Brent at PWCC is the best way to find rare cards and sell rare cards. Brent has great communication in transactions and you always get s fair deal. Looking forward to more great deals in the future!! Thanks

— E.S., NY

I have been both a consignor of 100's of auction items as well as a purchaser in many of PWCC's past auctions. Their professionalism and hobby expertise are top rate. I would highly recommend them to any collector, whether you are buying or thinking of selling all or part of your collection. I count Brent as a true friend and most importantly a man of his word, who always tries to help out in any way needed to make the buying or selling experience for each customer a memorable and positive one.

— B.S., CA

Brent Huigens and PWCC are one of the good guys in the sports collectible industry, long serving collectors with unparalleled honesty, integrity and fairness. Deal with confidence...I have for 20 years and will continue to do so. Strongly Recommended!

— A.M., CA

Great company... great service... 100% reliable... an efficient and trustworthy eBay auction operation.

— H.F., FL

I use PWCC for most of my high grade vintage purchases. The entire process is transparent and efficient. Bidding via their e-bay platform is the most desirable auction process for me and their consignment of quality cards is unmatched in the industry. The other AH proprietary bidding software scares me, as I can't see other bidders and their "reserve bidding" disclaimer is bothersome.

— J.B., CA

I recently consigned a large lot through PWCC. It contained quite a few cards in the $25-100 range, several between $100 and $1,000, and a few higher end cards. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices my cards realized. Especially the higher end cards. I was able to net more than I could have selling the cards on my own, without taking any of the time or hassle. Brent was very friendly, personally responding to all of my questions along the way. I plan to use PWCC's services again in their upcoming auction, and would recommend them to anyone with sportscards to sell.

— J.A., CA

PWCC gets the best prices on E-Bay and enhances that with great customer service. Thanks Brent.

— D.L., TX

It's my pleasure to say that I've been totally satisfied with PWCC every time I've dealt with them so far. Auctions were well-prepared and accurate and I received my payment in a timely fashion. Would definitely do business with them again. Thanks for your professionalism!

— M.J., CA

I consigned a couple of T3s, Mays, Rose, Schmidt, and Ryan rookies, a 1921 Exhibit Ruth, and, in a later consignment, 1966-72 Topps sets, and was very happy about the prices received and the service. Plan on consigning again in the near future.

— D.B., KY

Brent is simply the best. I am so impressed. He keeps you informed from start to finish. He lays out the listing and invites you to make any changes you think appropriate, with his approval. I have been a seller for years and could not do as good as he does. Should be a 6 star for Brent!

— B.M., NY

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