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I've been collecting sports cards for over 35 years. I've bought and sold cards using several auction houses and venues however, I feel that PWCC Auctions may be the best of them. I've been acquiring several of my wish list cards through their auctions in addition to consigning my excess cards. All in all, PWCC is a one stop auction and consignment service that is unparalleled in this industry.

— J.B. NY

Having being a dedicated customer of PWCC for the past 15 years I can without question say that their honesty and reliability is beyond reproach. No seller on eBay can compete with PWCC when it comes to the depth and quality of their auctions.

— G.J., TX

It's a great feeling knowing that my consignment cards are secure in the hands of PWCC and that they will usually result in a sale commensurate with their market value. Brent has been very pleasant, ethical and helpful in his dealings with me throughout my past consignments with him. I can give PWCC my highest recommendation.

— J.U., CA

With Brent's resolute integrity and unparalleled professionalism, it really should come as no surprise that PWCC transcends the world of consignments. Years ago I made a conscious decision to transact business with him and I've never looked back. From day one it's an experience that the competition simply can't replicate. And if you consider yourself a small fish? Fear not, because Brent will never treat you as such.

— S.S., TX

During a difficult financial time for my family, I entrusted PWCC to sell off a significant part of my collection. The presentation and care in which Brent presented several of my key baseball cards greatly contributed to receiving a total amount which exceeded my highest expectations. Everything about PWCC was first rate and A+ in every aspect. Simply stated, PWCC is the best in the business.

— R.F., MA

My dealings with Brent have been - in short, Professional and SMOOTH. I was highly satisfied with the auction results of my holdings. You can trust him during ALL phases of your dealings to provide guidance and quick processing of your transactions. I will be dealing with Brent again.

— R.G., MA

Brent and his teammates have built an impressive business by offering their buyers world-class content while offering their consignors a terrific one-two punch - top shelf marketing and a convenient submission model (a PWCC consignor's to-do list is very short). It's been gratifying to watch PWCC hammer prices increasingly pace the market, often eclipsing the blue-blood auction houses in even the more rarified air of scarce high grade material.

— C.M.

I have enjoyed working with Brent and PWCC for well over a year now. They always represent my consignment items professionally and accurately to their bidders, and always answer any questions that I have in a very timely and professional manner. All of my high dollar cards that I want to sell go to PWCC for auction, as I know that they will be sold with high integrity in very reputable auctions. I am also very satisfied with the prices that I get and the timeliness of my consignment check. Please give PWCC a try if you want to sell your sports cards. You will be glad that you did!

— M.M., VA

Having been both consigner and buyer with PWCC I can say with certainty: "Without doubt the finest site for buying and selling high end cards, they do all the work and deliver the best results in a safe, secure, very well presented format. There is none better in the business!!"

— M.P., CT

Fast, friendly service. Quick payouts and a very personal experience. 100% satisfied. No more waiting for buyers to pay and no more trips to the Post Office.

— J.P., OH

It was a pleasure to work with PWCC and I'm sure that I wouldn't have received as much for my collectibles if it hadn't been for Brent and his team. I'd been wanting to sell a few things for a while, but didn't have time to handle everything through eBay. When I heard about PWCC, it sounded like everything that I needed and my experience exceeded my expectations. Brent took care of all of the heavy lifting of selling my cards and I had a check in hand within a couple of weeks of the auctions for my items ending. It was such an easy process. I'll definitely be consigning with PWCC again in the future.

— M.P., IL

I once asked a prominent sports card collector, with whom I am acquainted, to recommend an auction house as I was planning to sell a portion of my collection. He quickly suggested PWCC. PWCC has always been an auction house that I could depend on. They are very professional and extremely competitive with their pricing. When I choose to sell again PWCC will be my partner!

— J.C., FL

Over the years, PWCC has earned my trust due to their customer service. That is why in the past year alone, I have entrusted them with selling off my 1954, 1959 and 1960 Topps Baseball Sets.

— H.C., OK

For buyers of cards and sports memorabilia, PWCC offers you an incredible array of hard-to-find items. For sellers, you will realize the highest prices from consignment. The service is outstanding with prompt and secure shipping of items. Buyers receive their items within days, and sellers receive checks promptly with no hassles or delays. No one on e-bay runs an auction as efficiently and attracts bidders like Brent and his staff at PWCC.

— J.L., MN

PWCC - Brent and his team - have provided me and other collectors and investors with high quality cards and excellent, thoughtful customer service for many years. I first became attracted to PWCC's auctions over 13 years ago, and have been a consistent, aggressive buyer every year. For the first time, when I decided this year to try selling some cards, the first dealer and auction house I turned to was PWCC for this service. I greatly value PWCC's high integrity in all that it does, as well as PWCC's very broad reach and base of both buyers and sellers.

— B.R., CAN

There is no longer any reason for me to use eBay to sell my cards. Instead, I rely on PWCC to sell them for me! PWCC does all the work associated with getting the cards listed and sold, and their professional experience is evident in their detailed card descriptions. Their commissions are quite reasonable and they always get top dollar for my cards!

— F.P., CO

PWCC is one of the premiere card sellers on eBay for good reason. Their professionalism and attention to detail is 2nd to none. They would be successful if they choose to sell off eBay as well.

— B.W., NC

I have both consigned items and purchased items from the PWCC auctions. Brent went above and beyond in the way he listed my items and I realized very strong prices due to Brent's presentation and his clientele that follow his auctions. As for purchasing thru PWCC the items he lists are in the top 1% as for rarity and quality. He has items for collectors and he also sells investment grade items. He also is very professional.

— M.B., CA

I recently used PWCC for the first time in their 6th 2015 online auction. I ended up selling about $15,000 of my collection. From start to finish I found PWCC to be very professional! I was very pleased with every aspect of their auction process and absolutely will not hesitate to use them again in the future. PWCC is good for the hobby!

— M.W., TX

I appreciate that I can ship items for future auctions to pay for items won in the current auction. PWCC's presentation for each item auctioned on eBay is superb. PWCC's consignment rates are reasonable and very competitive.

— J.C., CA

I recently consigned a large lot through PWCC. It contained quite a few cards in the $25-100 range, several between $100 and $1,000, and a few higher end cards. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices my cards realized. Especially the higher end cards. I was able to net more than I could have selling the cards on my own, without taking any of the time or hassle. Brent was very friendly, personally responding to all of my questions along the way. I plan to use PWCC's services again in their upcoming auction, and would recommend them to anyone with sportscards to sell.

— J.A., CA

PWCC gets the best prices on E-Bay and enhances that with great customer service. Thanks Brent.

— D.L., TX

I had an excellent experience utilizing the professional auction services provided by PWCC. I had used the services of another well-known company prior to using PWCC and I had a much better experience with PWCC. The net proceeds payment was received promptly as represented on PWCC's website. I would definitely use PWCC again in the future without hesitation.

— L.M., NE

PWCC is the real deal. They are quick to send out checks, and they represent your material with the highest quality listings with fantastic pictures, and perfect descriptions. I would and have recommended them to those who I care about.

— A.H., MI

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