After using other auction sites and houses over the years, it has become crystal clear to me that PWCC offers the best prices for my collection and stellar customer service for my every need.

— S.J., CA

With Brent's resolute integrity and unparalleled professionalism, it really should come as no surprise that PWCC transcends the world of consignments. Years ago I made a conscious decision to transact business with him and I've never looked back. From day one it's an experience that the competition simply can't replicate. And if you consider yourself a small fish? Fear not, because Brent will never treat you as such.

— S.S., TX

I always recommend Brent & PWCC to sell my auction items. I am a repeat consignor and have been impressed by their professionalism, communication and item presentation. Do yourself a favor and send your items to Brent and get the best prices. You WILL BE happy you did!

— J.R., FL

I have bought and sold many cards with PWCC in the past. My experiences both as a buyer and as a seller have been terrific. As a seller, PWCC has consistently gotten me more than I thought I would get time after time. Sometimes I am blown away at some of the prices my cards have sold for when consigned to PWCC. As a buyer, the item has always been well described, promptly shipped and well packaged. I used to sell my own cards on eBay. Now I let someone else do it and probably net more than I would have if I did it myself. Thank you Brent! Thank you Ryan! Thank you PWCC for being a class act!

— G.Y., CA

I am a consistent seller of memorabilia on eBay but anytime I want to get top dollar, exceptional service and marketing I send my items to PWCC and let them do their thing. Great results and fast turnaround pay are PWCC's hallmark.

— M.Z., IL

The entire process was very smooth for me as a first time consignor. Every step of the process was communicated, and everything that was communicated happened just as it was stated. Fabulous tracking system to allow for easy access to the auctions as they processed. When I had questions I called or emailed Brent, and it was Brent that responded. That made me very comfortable with this entire experience. Very professional, good settlement experience and I will definitely use this service again.

— V.B., MO

I look forward to PWCC's monthly auctions and do most of my buying in their auctions. The photos are crystal clear and I thoroughly trust the accompanying descriptions. I have also consigned to PWCC and feel that I receive the best sale prices and always receive quick and completely accurate payment.

— G.D., PA

I have used PWCC's consignment services going on two years now. Brent and staff run a first class operation and I have never had one issue.

— S.N., FL

PWCC is the only place online where both buyers and sellers feel totally safe that their transaction will be completed with honesty and integrity. I will never use another broker or even try to buy/sell on my own again; the risks are just too high. The efforts Brent and his team put forward every day make it an easy decision to return again and again!

— T.B., MA

You're much more likely to get a high quality item, regardless of what you are seeking, in a competitive bid environment. Witness the '63 Fleer Koufax I just picked up. Use the photo and bidding stats if you want. You are most dependent on the integrity of the party conducting the auction. Your record is spotless. I recall am incident in the past asked you to do something regarding an item that was against your way of doing things. I told you to let the bidding process goes it should. Key things to stress equally are integrity of your operation and quality of product. A third might be getting items to winning bidders after close of auction in remarkable time.

— J.S., CA

For buyers of cards and sports memorabilia, PWCC offers you an incredible array of hard-to-find items. For sellers, you will realize the highest prices from consignment. The service is outstanding with prompt and secure shipping of items. Buyers receive their items within days, and sellers receive checks promptly with no hassles or delays. No one on e-bay runs an auction as efficiently and attracts bidders like Brent and his staff at PWCC.

— J.L., MN

Brent at PWCC is the best way to find rare cards and sell rare cards. Brent has great communication in transactions and you always get s fair deal. Looking forward to more great deals in the future!! Thanks

— E.S., NY

I recently used PWCC for the first time in their 6th 2015 online auction. I ended up selling about $15,000 of my collection. From start to finish I found PWCC to be very professional! I was very pleased with every aspect of their auction process and absolutely will not hesitate to use them again in the future. PWCC is good for the hobby!

— M.W., TX

I love collecting but there are times you need to sell things as well. My time is valuable and the PWWC fees were very reasonable and fair. This allowed me to clear out some items and kept the hobby fun for me. Highly recommended. The third party aspect is also a selling point for me. I can add something about that if you like but thought the above might be enough.

— K.M., MN

I recently consigned a large lot through PWCC. It contained quite a few cards in the $25-100 range, several between $100 and $1,000, and a few higher end cards. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices my cards realized. Especially the higher end cards. I was able to net more than I could have selling the cards on my own, without taking any of the time or hassle. Brent was very friendly, personally responding to all of my questions along the way. I plan to use PWCC's services again in their upcoming auction, and would recommend them to anyone with sportscards to sell.

— J.A., CA

Just started using PWCC last year and have been very satisfied with how easy it is to auctions my sports cards! Checks arrive very fast and they do all the work for a small fee. Extremely happy and will continue using PWCC since their reputation is just awesome!!

— M.S., WI

PWCC gets the best prices on E-Bay and enhances that with great customer service. Thanks Brent.

— D.L., TX

I heard very good things about PWCC before I ever consigned with them. Needless to say, they went above and beyond any expectations that I had. I appreciate the very timely responses to my questions or concerns, and everything is handled with the utmost respect and integrity. I would never consider using anybody else because of their professionalism and attention to detail. The final auction prices are just an added plus to a great experience.

— M.L., CA

PWCC handled a large collection of baseball cards for us. The sales were well organized and very successful. It was our first time selling with an online broker and we are beyond pleased with the expertise and professional service we received from them. We recommend them highly.

— M.R., CA

PWCC is the real deal. They are quick to send out checks, and they represent your material with the highest quality listings with fantastic pictures, and perfect descriptions. I would and have recommended them to those who I care about.

— A.H., MI

I have used PWCC Auctions for only 6 months now, but I already have had a wonderful experience. Brent and his team are VERY professional and easy to deal with. They make the whole process of selling high end cards an absolute breeze and very fun! I would recommend PWCC Auctions to any sports card collector!!

— S.H., CAN

It's my pleasure to say that I've been totally satisfied with PWCC every time I've dealt with them so far. Auctions were well-prepared and accurate and I received my payment in a timely fashion. Would definitely do business with them again. Thanks for your professionalism!

— M.J., CA

PWCC is easy to deal with and bring outstanding prices on my material.

— G.C., CAN

Brent is simply the best. I am so impressed. He keeps you informed from start to finish. He lays out the listing and invites you to make any changes you think appropriate, with his approval. I have been a seller for years and could not do as good as he does. Should be a 6 star for Brent!

— B.M., NY

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