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Coming soon! The PWCC Vault is a new service slated to be available to investors in early 2019. By placing their portfolios within our state-of-the-art trading card repository, investors will have ready access to safe and secure storage, portfolio appraisal, and for the very first time, access to line-of-credit capital using trading cards as collateral. The PWCC Vault is the central focus of a brand-new facility housing the PWCC team.

New PWCC Headquarters and Vault

Once submitted to the Vault, clients will benefit from many services, some of which include:

  • Industry-leading storage with unparalleled security
  • Comprehensive insurance, giving access to insurance for portfolios otherwise not insurable through traditional means
  • Archive services including high-quality digital images, with custom access to each investor’s portfolio for both sales purposes and slide-show-style displays.
  • Real-time portfolio appraisal based on current market sales data (based on over 200 million eBay transactions spanning the past 15 years).
  • Optional access to the PWCC retail marketplace for all individual items stored in the Vault. Fulfillment services by PWCC staff for items which require return shipment or delivery to a 3rd party in the event of a sale.
  • Free evaluation of all portfolio items within the Vault for PWCC Certified High End (PWCC-HE) and PWCC Certified Premium Quality (PWCC-PQ) designations. Cards with superior eye appeal, highlighted by the PWCC Certified High End brand, have realized prices 65% higher than market value on average.
  • A fluid line-of-credit against the appraised items in a client’s portfolio within the Vault. PWCC Capital will lend up to 50% of the conservative market appraisal value, empowering investors to take advantage of equity in their portfolios without having to sell. This is the first time such a service has been offered with trading cards as collateral.

New PWCC Headquarters Construction

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