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Auction Integrity & Oversight

Safeguarding the integrity of bidding on our auctions is our highest priority, as is the assurance that every item we broker is accurately described and authentic. For the trading card marketplace to function effectively, honesty and integrity must be ensured. Collectors deserve a bidding environment that is 100% legitimate and free from intervention by the auction house, submitters, friends of submitters, friends of the auction house, or anyone else who seeks to exert artificial influence over the sale price.


Auction Monitoring

PWCC is a close partner with the eBay Trust and Safety groups and proactively monitors the behavior of bidders throughout the auction process. We reserve the right to contact bidders who place bids outside the guidelines outlined below, and in some cases, we will choose to cancel bids and block bidders from participating in our auctions.

  • All bid retractions and cancellations that violate eBay’s policy are reported daily to eBay. eBay reserves the right to enforce its policies. Bidders who retract on our platform receive one warning from eBay; further retractions result in bidding privileges suspended by eBay.
  • Any username with a history of bid retractions across the eBay platform will be blocked from participating in future PWCC auctions.
  • "String bidding," or placing a series of sequential bids at the minimum bid increment, can be perceived as bid manipulation because the practice allows a bidder to expose the maximum bid of another bidder without becoming the high bidder himself or herself. Any instances of string bidding will be flagged by our team. In cases of clear manipulation, string bids will be cancelled and offenders will be blocked.

We ask that the bidding community assist us in identifying concerning bid behavior on any of our auctions. Please notify PWCC of any suspicious behavior by sending an email to our bid monitoring team at and we will respond promptly. Thank you for helping us ensure the integrity of the marketplace.

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Payment Flexibility

PWCC offers industry-leading payment flexibility to continually accommodate the unique needs of collectors and investors and further enable participation in the marketplace.

  • We are the only auction house in the country that accepts credit cards (through eBay and PayPal) for all its sales regardless of value, allowing buyers to pay quickly and avoid the delays of paper-based transactions.
  • To accommodate investors undergoing movement within their portfolio, PWCC offers buyers the industry’s first "Submit-in-Lieu-of-Payment" program, which allows buyers to submit items to a future auction and have their purchases from the current auction shipped without the need for cash payment.
  • Finally, buyers can pay with Bitcoin, and PWCC will cover the fees. Contact us for more information!
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The eBay marketplace

A proven auction platform.

PWCC is the largest auction seller on the eBay platform worldwide. We believe that hosting our auctions on eBay best enables us to preserve the integrity and software impartiality required for an investment-caliber marketplace. Unlike proprietary auction software, eBay’s platform is equally transparent to both the buyers and the sellers. We don’t know the value of a bidder’s maximum bid, nor do our auction submitters, nor does anyone else. We’ve spent the last 20 years on eBay (since 1998), working to win the trust of collectors and eBay has matured with us along this path. Rest assured, bidders can participate in our auctions with the confidence that no one but themselves know the value of their bid.

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