Streamlined grading with PWCC, CSG and CGC Trading Cards

Streamlined grading with PWCC, CSG and CGC Trading Cards

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PWCC Marketplace and the Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®) - which includes Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) and CGC Trading Cards™ - have created the quickest, easiest, and most stress-free path to grading and selling raw trading cards.

This new service includes PWCC-managed submissions and shipping, estimated 10-day grading turnarounds, no value-based grading tiers, and the elimination of upfront fees.  

All you need to do to access the service is start a new submission through PWCC, select the "Weekly Sunday Auction + Grading" option, secure your raw cards in penny sleeves and semi-rigid cardholders, and send them off to PWCC. No individual filling of cards, no forms to print out, no tiered pricing to worry about.

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  • Flat fee. Only $20 per card regardless of value, genre, or category. The program currently includes only 2.5 x 3.5 sized cards. The $20 fee includes shipping costs from PWCC to CCG and back to PWCC for sale in the Weekly Sunday Auction.  
  • No upfront costs. After your CCG encapsulated card sells in PWCC’s Weekly Sunday Auction, we will deduct the $20 fixed grading cost from your proceeds. 
  • 10-day turn. Every card you submit will be graded by CCG within 10 business days. Cards will then be entered into the Weekly Sunday Auction queue.
  • Unlimited submissions. Submit unlimited cards. PWCC recommends you submit cards with at least a $100 value to ensure you maximize your profits. For example, if you submit a card that sells for $20, you will net $0 since you will pay $20 for the CCG grading process. 
  • No paperwork. Forget the forms. PWCC will handle the entire process with CCG. You will only need to follow the submission process on PWCC’s website. 
  • CCG to PWCC Weekly Auction. CCG will send your cards directly to PWCC. PWCC will queue them for an upcoming Weekly Sunday Auction when they arrive. It is that simple.  


  • You submit your raw cards once to PWCC, and we take it from there.
  • Priority grading and encapsulation service.
  • No multiple packages to send out and track.
  • No multiple shipping labels to manage.
  • No lengthy submission forms to fill and print.
  • No worrying about turnaround times or insurance.

With PWCC and CCG you send your cards in, they get graded by experts, and they go up to auction at the leading trading card auction house.

It is now that easy to sell your raw cards.

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