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Feb 24, 2021
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Among Finest Investment Pieces - Special Bidding Rules

Special Bidding Rules: This auction will remain open to public bidding but will be limited to pre-approved bidders in the final 24 hours (or sooner). After that time, only bidders who have previously bid and been approved or have requested prior approval will be permitted to bid. Please contact us to be added to the approved list or place a bid and we will review and add your ID if approved. Description: On the market this month is an earth shattering Magic The Gathering investment piece, the 1993 Alpha Black Lotus in an elite Beckett 9 holder. For those who study the MTG market, no other magic card holds the lure and desirability of the coveted Alpha Black Lotus. We must recognize that the entire market has benefited from what has become the single greatest MTG card ever made. Even the more novice of investors can appreciate what the Alpha Black Lotus has brought to the market. Since being designed by Christopher Rush in the early 90s, the Black Lotus has become the face of magic community and has set the tone in which all others are measured, yielding some of the best return we've seen. The offered card is visually appealing to even the most novice of investors with its mesmerizing color, majestic surfaces and impeccable fine-art illustration. Though beyond its natural beauty, the Black Lotus is a tremendously powerful and important card to own from the Alpha set. Former professional player Zvi Mowshowitz has declared the Black Lotus as the best artifact of all-time and makes every deck simply better with this card in it. Due to its immense power, this card has been banned/restricted in all formats and sits atop the coveted 'Power Nine'. What we have here is one of the few, truly special high-grade Black Lotus examples that outshines almost all other MINT copies as it is just a whisker away from coveted Beckett 9.5 assessment. The card is beautifully aligned from all sides with solid dark borders which surround glowing MINT surfaces. Largely free of indentations or imperfections with thick gloss and wonderful registration. The periphery is entirely void of typical chipping and the corners present just the faintest bits of wear. All told, we love this card not just for what it is represents to the MTG community, but for the future ROI it holds. How long before this card reaches its pinnacle and exceeds the $250,000 price tag? A fine art equivalent investment piece of unparalleled importance. Comes with PWCC's highest recommendation. Part of a tremendous run of Magic The Gathering examples on the market this month. Released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, Magic The Gathering was established as the first trading card game in the market and quickly became one of the most populate alternate worlds. Since its release, there have been an estimated 40 million players with more and more joining the MTG community each day as it gains popularity. An exciting investment offering which comes highly recommended by PWCC. Enjoy. One of over 26,000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our February Auction of 2021. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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