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Jan 19, 2021
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BGS Pop 1 of 4 - None Higher - Incredible Offering

The card offered is undoubtedly THE best Michael Jordan insert and parallel in 00s era by far. Bluntly put, it makes or breaks a world class Jordan collection as a centerpiece. Without an auto or game used element, being a true card in purists' eyes which is an attribute people increasingly prefer and treasure (especially during this era's auto patch overload), this card is ranked at the very top among all issues of Jordan cards in all eras. Jordan's 97-98 Precious Metal Gems Green shattered record prices very recently for any 90s card at 915k without even being assigned a numerical grade. He has only two PMG greens in professional uniform, namely, in licensed card format. Because Upper Deck has held Jordan's life time exclusive right and lost NBA license in 2010, and by that time, only two PMG green sets had been produced (and this situation won't change for many years to come as the current license holder Panini is doing extremely well). After Upper Deck acquired Fleer-Skybox in 2005, this was Upper Deck's first attempt at re-establishing the iconic PMG brand. They brought back the original color scheme, with both red and green versions; this time however the entire print run per player was limited to only fifty with the green occupying the first ten, and the other forty copies are printed in red color theme. This being 10/50, is 10/10 for PMG green and the very last Jordan PMG green in pro uniform ever made, very historically significant piece. This card, which is 2008-09 card in its official name in Beckett and the official checklist, was released in the same year as Jordan's HOF enshrinement, further adding to its allure and perfect timing. This card shares the prestigious name of PMG green of the original, and yet very original in its own design and can hold its own ground when comparing to the 97-98 counterpart. The set has become absolutely on fire in recent times (for example, LeBron sold at a jaw dropping price before he secured his ring as a Laker), but a Jordan like this has NOT been offered during the span of tremendous market growth in the past two years, especially none after Jordan's last dance documentary which reminds and re-asserts his GOAT status in all sports far beyond the rest. Just like its predecessor original PMG green (which often has edge chipping and sometimes refracting line among other issues), this set is even more conditional sensitive and has surface bubbling over time, which adds to its characteristic and iconic-ness. However, this specimen has very very minimal bubbling and never interferes with the action shot at all, and actually adds the dynamic effect of the design. Comparing to all pics of the PMG red and green in this set available online, this is easily the best preserved copy out of them all. It features very strong subgrades and is graded with BGS serial starting with 6, making this label a very collectable rarity in its own right. Throughout the 100 card set, very few copies have earned a MINT or better assessment which further speaks to the extreme rarity of high-grade copies. What we have here is an irreplaceable Beckett 9, final #10/50 green parallel printed. The extraordinarily fragile surfaces are nearly flawless with almost no imperfections present. Shows crystal clear imagery with glowing color and quality registration. All four corners are evenly MINT with strong borders around. Being 10/10 is a special number which adds the premium to an extremely rare issued card, and 10 is featured prominently in the caption on the back, namely, leading NBA in scoring for 10 seasons, which is very unthinkable in today's standard especially during an era before the hand-check rule change and when everyone played physically. Jordan action shot is stellar, hanging in the air certifying his Air Jordan nickname, and features one of his most recognizable sneakers. Jordan's 90s card enthusiasts initially might prefer 90s PMG green many years ago, but as time goes on and market desirability and recognition grow tremendously, they now equally desire and search very hard for this card to match up with 90s counterpart or select this as an alternative to currently almost unobtainable Jordan 90s PMG green. This card has been hoarded by a couple of very savvy collectors/investors and public availability of this could be once in every 5 or 10 years, if at all. Another copy is unlikely to be seen for very long time, let alone a super high grade for this very conditional sensitive issue and let alone in the best numbering possible, last numbering of the last issue of its kind. This card is one of very few cards that fit into a category of zero downside and almost unlimited upside if one takes a more global and long term viewpoint in collecting and philosophy of investing in the best cards of the best sportspersons gracing the entire history. It is a truest rarity, not distinguished by POP reports, nor temporary hype, but a long-lasting extremely collectable and rarest museum piece quality item. Absolutely unmissable with all the previous attributes considered together. It is very exciting to include this offering to headline the first auction in the new year, and very few times we can have an item as crazy as this one. All told, this easily ranks among Jordan's rarest and most coveted parallels, forever representing a fine-art equivalent investment masterpiece. As the trading card marketplace matures towards its destiny as a leading alternative asset class, it is cards like this that seem positioned to ascend towards a status competitive with present-day fine art markets. Impossible to replace and worthy of the very finest investment minded portfolio. Comes with PWCC's highest recommended. Please see the video highlight for further details. One of over 24,000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our 1st Auction of 2021. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots

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