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Jan 19, 2021
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Jersey # 24/49 Serial

The intrinsic appeal of this historically significant Kobe auto jersey speaks for itself, but it is important to give its full justice from its origin. After Panini entered the hobby scene as a sole licensed NBA card producer in 2010, for a while the market was still attracted to 90s and Exquisite with many collectors on the fence about new releases, but it is this Silhouette design that put Panini on the map emphatically among all collectors. There are two versions of this card, patch auto /10 and jersey auto /49. Patch auto /10 version has not been sold on market for many years. At the time of release, Silhouette prime auto patch /10 quickly became highly chased and outsold Kobe's 03-04 Limited Logos /75 at that time, which is a stunning achievement. This design is totally original to Panini's credit, using part of Player's contour as portion of jersey/patch window (featuring enclosed area bordered by Kobe's dunking outreaching arm) and very large jersey/patch window outduels Limited Logos counterparts in areas boasted. The overall design gives off a feel of parchment artifact, a transcending timelessness. This is the very first year in Silhouette release, a design which turns out to change in design significantly year to year (which collectors love) and is one of Panini's most popular sets. However, patch auto version is /10 and true jersey number cannot be realized. This card offered is from the jersey auto base parallel /49 and it is in the jersey number 24/49. THE best numbering out of all 10+49 copies available. To make those attractive qualities over the top, this card is BGS 9.5 gem mint with 10 auto grade, with a beautifully scripted Kobe auto that is eternal and inspiring. So one could argue this might be one of the most significant and perfect Panini Kobe auto of all time. Besides a ton of accolades, Oscar winning and super successful in business and story telling, Kobe is hardest working, super clutch and with a winning mentality and all together Kobe helps and inspires many people in his generation and generations to come. This irreplaceable and drop dead gorgeous Silhouettes Kobe Bryant production is truly in a class of its own as it sports one of the most desired qualities of any card, a jersey number 24/49 serial for a card that put Panini on the map historically. On top of that, the card is completely fresh with qualities which place this among the finest know copies in the market. Brilliant centered with smooth edges and glossy surfaces. Free of indentations or imperfections with a pristine autograph and a jumbo Lakers purple jersey swatch. All told, this is a jaw dropping example which is only deserving of the finest Kobe portfolio. One of over 24,000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our 1st Auction of 2021. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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