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Every so often the market is blessed with an offering as exciting as this one. These rare Wonder Platinum cards are widely recognized as a holy-grail piece as they are hard to find because of how difficult they were to obtain. This card was awarded to all the competitors from each age division in the 2009 Japan World Championship representative tournament (equivalent of the National Championships outside Japan). The final stage of this tournament was held at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo on May 4, 2009. It is estimated that only twenty copies were given out, which ranks this card as one of the rarest promotional cards in the market. The Wonder Platinum is a trainer card, and is one of the DPt-P promotional cards which are part of the next series of Japanese promotional cards, starting alongside Galctic's Conquest which was the first expansion of Pokemon's card game DPt series. The offered card lies within a coveted Beckett 9.5 holder an oh boy is it pretty. Tilted in the light, the overall aesthetics take full stage. These cards act like jewelry and glisten in a way entirely special to the Pokemon brand. Showcasing virtually pristine attributes throughout. Perfectly centered 50/50 with untouched corners and faultless surfaces (wow!). The card is beautifully printed with a unique illustration and vivid color. Some light wear to the fragile periphery is present and keeps this card from a Beckett 10 assessment. The fact that one of these Wonder Platinum cards has now surfaced, presented in exceptionally high-grade, all combines to exude an investment opportunity which simply doesn't surface at this level very often. A museum worthy offering which comes with PWCC's highest recommendation. Part of one of the finest runs of Pokemon cards we've brokered, providing investors and hobbyist a rare chance to catch 'em all. Since its release, Pokemon has quickly become one of the greatest international brands in the world, topping all others as the highest grossing media franchise of all-time with an estimated $90 billion in total revenue. With Pokemon's 25th anniversary right around the corner, coupled with a vastly growing investor following, these Pokemon game cards are set to rise further in value. Easily the most exciting run we've brokered. Comes with PWCC's highest recommendation.One of over 25,000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our 11th Auction of 2020. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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