2003 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos LeBron James RC PATCH AUTO /75 BGS 8.5
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Auction #10 Round 2
Oct 29, 2020
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See Special Bidding - Premier Modern Rookie Investment

Special Bidding Rules: This auction will remain open to public bidding until the final 24 hours. After that time, only bidders who have previously bid and been approved or have requested prior approval will be permitted to bid. Please contact us to be added to the approved list or place a bid and we will review and add your ID if approved. Few cards in our history inspire as much excitement as this offering. Even to vintage card enthusiasts, certain cards rise from the modern realm to emerge as world class investment pieces. Offered here is what many perceive to be the single most important modern basketball card ever produced. While other cards can be mentioned, the inaugural '03 Exquisite Collection Limited Logos production holds a lure and desirability that is virtually unmatched. Easily ranks among 'King James' most beautiful rookie cards and widely regarded as a museum worthy creation. In hand, the overall aesthetics take full stage. The fragile foil inlay acts like jewelry and glistens in a way entirely special to the issue. Showcasing a unique design with a small, yet beautiful face portrait along with an elegant black and white surface. The card is virtually dead centered with the fragile periphery virtually free of typical chipping and other imperfections. The full LeBron James on card autograph is beautifully penned in blue sharpie and fully upholds the pristine designation. Finally, to cap off this already amazing card, the jersey swatch embedded within is an irreplaceable 3-color example; sporting Cavs colors: Red, White, and Gold. What further makes this jersey swatch special is that it comes from the Limited Logos production which acts as the only LeBron rookie to feature a game-worn patch. This jersey swatch stands among the best-looking patches from all of the '03 Limited Logos LeBron James examples. If not for just the faintest bit of wear to the extreme corner tips, this card would certainly grade higher. Like Jordan, Gretzky, Kobe, Ruth and Tom Brady, LeBron James holds the status of immortal, and is one of our culture's most active-legends, still showing attributes of youth and viability which seem to redefine what's possible within the landscape of professional sports. LeBron is coming off his fourth NBA title with the Lakers and is showing few signs of slowing down. As the trading card marketplace matures towards its destiny as a leading alternative asset class, it is cards like this that seem positioned to ascend towards a status competitive with present-day fine art markets. Impossible to replace and worthy of the very finest investment minded portfolio. Comes highly recommended. One of over 25,000 cards, lots and sets up for bid in our 10th Auction of 2020. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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