2010 Pokemon Japan World Championship Master Key Trophy Card w/ Case, Rare PWCC
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Nov 26, 2019
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Among The Finest Pokemon Investment Pieces

Offered here is easily the most exciting Pokemon card we've brokered in our long history, the 2010 Pokemon Japan World Championship Trophy Card Master's Key. Few Pokemon cards hold the lore and desirability of the coveted master key, limited to just 36 copies ever produced, and in truth one of the few that have ever surfaced. Issued to all competitors during the 2010 Pokémon World Championships which was held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village hotel in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii in the United States from August 13 to 15, 2010. This annual event is an invite only that features 36 of the world’s greatest competitors over four different divisions; 8 in juniors, 6 in seniors, 6 in masters and 16 in video game(8 in category A and 8 in category B). Each player was provided an encased Master Trophy Key at the beginning of the event for their remarkable play over the course of the year. These keys are unique from many perspectives, featuring a new back era reverse and a high-gloss glimmering front border. Tilted in the light, the overall aesthetics of the foil border take full stage. These cards act like jewelry and glisten in a way entirely special to the Pokemon brand. Though ungraded, the quality of this piece is undeniably immaculate and is still encapsulated in its original trophy case. Showcasing uncirculated qualities with tremendous centering, untouched corners and strong card stock. The periphery is entirely void of chipping while the color is bright and the illustration is superb. The fact that one of these rare master keys has now surfaced, still in its original casing, all combines to exude an investment opportunity which simply doesn't surface at this level very often. A true holy grail offering which can only be classified as museum worthy. Comes with PWCC's highest recommendation. Part of a tremendous run of Pokemon examples on the market this month. One of over 15,000 cards, lots, and sets up for bid in our 11th Auction of 2019. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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