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Aug 25, 2019
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Among the Finest MTG Investment Pieces in the Market

Wow! A PSA 10 Time Walk has surfaced to the public market. When speaking in terms of market importance and rarity, the Alpha Time Walk far surpasses virtually all others. Far too rare to ever satisfy the demand, this is one of just ten to ever be awarded the illustrious designation. A perfectly preserved masterpiece which displays uncirculated card qualities throughout. Dead centered with four keen corners and thick card stock. Shows untouched edges with dark black borders and glossy surfaces. Free of any indentations or imperfections with rich color and a fine-art equivalent illustration by Amy Weber; one of MTG's original artists. The Time Walk actively sits among the coveted power 9 and continues to rank among the most valuable as well as intriguing cards from Magic The Gathering. During the early test versions of the game, the Time Walk was most known as being the sole card that could instantly end a game due to the original text 'Target Player loses next turn'. Though not the intent by designers, the wording was changed prior to the products release. With the less robust version, the Time Walk has still been deemed as one of the most influential cards ever produced. Important and rare magic cards, such as this masterpiece, are yielding incredibly high returns as the market realizes just how special this inaugural issue is. A world class investment opportunity which is incomparable in virtually every way. Among the safer investments in the market and comes with PWCC's highest recommendation. Part of an extensive run of Magic The Gathering examples on the auction block this month. One of over 13,000 cards, lots, and sets up for bid in our 8th Auction of 2019. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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