1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 PSA 8 NM-MT (PWCC-A) - Certified Top 30%
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Aug 12, 2019
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Special Bidding Rules: This auction will remain open to public bidding until the final 24 hours, after which only those who have previously bid, or have requested prior approval, will be added to an ‘approved bidder’ list which will go live for the final 24 hours. Only eBay IDs on the approved bidder list will be eligible to bid. Please contact us to be added to the approved list or place a bid and we will review and add your ID automatically. Special Financing Offer: PWCC Marketplace is offering the high bidder 90 days free financing, if desired. This requires a 25% down payment with the balance due at the close of 90 days. Additional time is available through our standard PWCC Payment Plan service, and this could be engaged at the close of the first 90 days. Please contact PWCC Staff for more details. Description: Offered here is perhaps the finest 1952 Topps Mantle PSA 8 ever auctioned. Though we have not seen every example in person, over the years we have held nearly 1/3 of the examples that exist and have reviewed the images of nearly all other copies which have surfaced publicly. While opinions will range among different collectors with different tastes, it’s our opinion that this example is certainly among the best examples that exist. Conservatively we are stating this card resides in the top 30% of all examples, but it’s very possible that in a lineup this could sighted as one of the best couple examples ever graded. This card really glows, boasting surfaces and overall cleanliness that could only be described as pack-fresh. Never does the centering look this good; technically about 2pts centered towards the top edge, but largely boasting an almost 50/50 appearance. The borders are extremely bright for the issue, having avoided the brown oxidation and yellow discoloration that so often plagues this issue. All four corners are undeniably square with extremely faint wisps of wear afflicting the upper right and lower left extreme points. The edges are extremely fresh and completely void of chipping or other related flaws. The back is easily as impressive as the front, showing virtually zero signs of circulation. The stars aligned when Topps manufacturing revealed this example from production floor. Even more shocking that since that fateful production run this card survived with such pristine preservation. This is truly a miracle card in our view and largely sets a tone of perfection which we feel is virtually irreplaceable. From an investment perspective, few trading cards rise to the level of ‘blue chip’ status. It’s our opinion that the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is the single most desired and highly coveted blue chip trading card from all the post-war era (for all sports). Many would argue this is the most important trading card ever made, and that stance certainly has merit. As the trading card marketplace matures, the investment aspects of these key issues are clearly leading the market forward, and the eye appeal relative to the assigned technical grade is rising in importance just as quickly. We feel this auction represents the finest of investment opportunities, not only because the card depicted is critically important, but also because the quality of this particular PSA 8 is industry leading. We are proud to be featuring this world class asset at public auction, free of reserve or other restrictions. We wish the bidding community the best of luck. One of over 13,000 cards, lots, and sets up for bid in our 8th Auction of 2019. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

Certified PWCC-A PWCC-A Sticker

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