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Mar 28, 2019
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Premier Non-Sport Investment Card - Don't Miss it

The crown-jewel of all magic cards. The Black Lotus is the single most important MTG card ever printed and is widely considered the most valuable card ever to be released in a regular set. In fact, former professional player Zvi Mowshowitz has declared the Black Lotus as the best artifact of all-time and makes every deck simply better with this card in it. Due to its immense power, this card has been banned/restricted in all formats and is atop the coveted 'Power Nine' list. Designed by Christopher Rush, the Black Lotus is a truly remarkable piece of artwork which would not look out of place in a museum. To date, there are only eleven mint Alpha Black Lotus's that have received a pristine sub-grade, making the offered copy one of the finest BGS 9 examples in the market. The card exhibits perfect centering along with clean borders and smooth edges. Boasts rock-solid corners with glossy surfaces and fabulous registration. With a print run of just 1,100 of each rare card being produced, and the vast majority being played/damaged; there is no wonder the demand far out weighs the supply. Like an exceedingly rare piece of beautiful art, this card will surely yield a fantastic return on investment. We are elated to offer this world-class commodity to the MTG and investment community. Don't miss it. Part of a very special and all-together rare offering which represents one of the finest '93 Magic The Gathering Alpha groupings to be publicly offered since the products release. This set break comes from an original collection with every card just returning back from Beckett; many showing better than the assigned technical grade. We are elated to present this world-class investment caliber assembly to the MTG community free of reserve or any other restriction. We hope you enjoy this once in a life time offering. One of over 17,000 cards, lots, and sets up for bid in our 3rd Auction of 2019. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots. The PWCC Vault is now live! Open a PWCC Vault account and receive a custom Vault shipping address. Purchases shipped to the Vault receive free shipping and reflect Oregon's 0% sales tax rate.

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