1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 PSA 8 NM-MT (PWCC)
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Nov 8, 2015
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PWCC Special Event - Please See Bidding Rules

Bidding Rules: This event will remain open to public bidding until final 48 hours of the auction. From that point forward, only those IDs which have been 'approved' by PWCC will be allowed to participate in the final two days. All bids received between October 29th and November 6th will be reviewed and all approved bidders will be added to the approved bidder list automatically. If you have not placed a bid on the item prior to November 6th, you'll need to contact PWCC Auctions to have your ID included in the approved bidding list. Note about snipe bidding - due to the value of this auction, snipe bidding is strongly discouraged. Protective blocks are likely to prevent bid amounts over $100,000 from being accepted by the eBay system. Note about late bidding - similar to snipe bids, we strongly discourage users from waiting until the final minutes to place their bid. We have empowered eBay to monitor every auction we run and this can create blocks for certain IDs which could take minutes or hours to resolve. If you have not placed a bid prior to the final 48 hours we strongly encourage your final bid to be placed at least 60 minutes prior to the auction closing. This auction will close precisely at the minute and Second specified on eBay. There is no extended bidding period for this, or any PWCC auction items. Once the auction is over, that's it, and the sale is final. The premier post-war trading card in he world. Despite its illustrious history, the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle has actually received increased recognition in recent times due to an overall swell of appreciation for investment caliber sports cards. What was once a high-valued collectible has now matured into a blue-chip investment; one which rivals the performance of any other portfolio diversification. Values of this card, especially those in high grade, have steadily risen over the course of the last 20 years, though the spike seen over the last 24 months is unique, unveiling a price increase of over 5x compared to historical sales. At long last this card is being recognized for its importance and sheer popularity, and in the eyes of this writer, it has a very bright future with $1M hammer prices perhaps likely in coming years. Unfortunately, this card's placement as the first card in the scarce high number series rendered it impossibly rare in high grades. Speaking to this point, in over 25 years of professional grading PSA has awarded just 32 NM-MT designations (less than one per State in the US!) and only a few of these copies having been graded in the last 10 years. Most seasoned collectors/dealers in the hobby doubt more than a couple newly graded PSA 8s will surface in the future, so while the popularity continues to rise, supply is unfairly fixed at its current levels. Aside from all the market analysis and supply/demand discussion, what we have here is a very special specimen within the aforementioned society of PSA 8s. This example is easily among the best copies ever graded, and is likely among the best half-dozen PSA 8s in the world. Far superior to what's typically seen for the issue, boasting exceptional centering, evenly toned borders, and wonderfully preserved card stock throughout. Most educated collectors appreciate that a card's eye appeal can fluctuate considerably within a single grade, and we are excited to label this example as being in the upper echelon of the NM-MT condition range. An all-around beautiful card which even the pickiest card-investor would consider possessing superior eye appeal. All told this is a very special event for PWCC, eBay, and the hobby at large. We are proud to be featuring this card and wish all interested parties the best of luck with the bidding process. Enjoy! One of over 10,000 cards, lots, and sets up for bid in our 9th Auction of 2015. Click on the link above to view the other PWCC auction lots.

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