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Why Investors Should Buy Mickey Mantle's 'True' 1951 Bowman Rookie Card Instead Of His 1952 Topps

Posted May 14, 2019 by David Seideman

Last year, Super Bowl champion Evan Mathis, sold a mint PSA 9 (on a scale of one to ten) 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle for $2.9 million in a Heritage auction. If one of the three existing gem mint PSA 10s came up for sale, it would command $10 million.

“In terms of price point, the 1952 Topps Mantle is king and will remain king for a long time,” Brent Huigens, the CEO of PWCC, the largest seller of investment trading cards, told me.

Mantle’s 1952 Topps marks his first appearance in the most popular post-war set. But, of course, his true rookie is his 1951 Bowman. Since the dawn of the hobby in the 1970s, collectors have wondered whether the Bowman is a good buy.

Huigens says absolutely yes. In fact, he believes the Bowman is now a better choice than the Topps.


Trading Cards Jump Another 15% As Alternative Investments In 2019's First Quarter

Posted April 8, 2019 by David Seideman

In January, I reported that If you invested in vintage and modern trading cards a decade ago instead of the stock market, your yield would be more than twice as large.

Over the first quarter of 2019, cards have maintained their momentum; jumping another 15%, from historic highs, according to the PWCC Top 500 Index.

That’s even better than the robust stock market. CNBC notes that the “S&P 500′s 12.3 percent gain so far for the first quarter is its best quarterly gain in nearly 10 years and its best start to the year since 1998.”


Ep. 751: Brent Huigens Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Posted April 4, 2019 by Michael Covel
Trend Following

Brent Huigens is an entrepreneur in the world of trading cards. He is founder and president of PWCC Marketplace, the largest seller of investment trading cards globally with more than $50 million in annual revenue. In 1998 Brent founded PWCC to provide buyers and sellers an efficient, honest and predictable marketplace. In 2012, he set his current engineering career aside to pursue the growth of PWCC full time.

When did Brent collect his first playing card? From the early age of about five he never wanted anything other than trading cards for his birthday or Christmas. He was hooked from the beginning. He had a modest card collection growing up, but it wasn’t until his early teenage years that his collection had grown to something he was proud of. Brent had a family friend that aided him in taking his collection to the next level–that same family friend also introduced him, in 1998, to the internet and eBay. By age 20, he was selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading cards all while gaining two engineering degrees.


Ty Cobb 1910 T206 Tobacco Card With Green Background Is A Blue Chip Investment

Posted March 27, 2019 by David Seideman

“I have been an investor for most of my life,” wrote Ron Keurajian in a bullish Forbes post about Ty Cobb cards and memorabilia in 2016 titled ‘Ty Cobb: Good Man, Great Player, And Solid Investment.’

Overall my portfolio has done fairly well, although there have been ups and downs. Back in the early 1980s I started collecting baseball memorabilia. Since then I’ve learned that it provided the greatest rate of return of my investments. Doubling your money within a year is not uncommon.”

Added Keurajian, the author of the Baseball Hall of Fame Autographs: A Reference Guide ( 2d edition) “in future decades Cobb’s legend will only grow.”

On Sunday night, Robert Edwards Auction (REA) sold an example of the hottest Cobb card from the hobby’s ultimate issue for $54,000— almost triple the price, $21,600, for virtually the identical card in a previous REA auction 2016, the year Keurajian made his optimistic forecast.


Mint $239K Ted Williams Rookie Card For Sale Has Soared 1000% In 12 Years

Posted March 18, 2019 by David Seideman

In 2007, a mint rookie card of Ted Williams fetched $23,755.00 in a Memory Lane auction. The last time this card, a PSA 9 (on a scale of one to ten), surfaced, in a 2016 Heritage auction, the price was $239,000.

Now Memory Lane is offering a 1939 Play Ball Williams card in its latest auction. In today’s red-hot market, this card will almost certainly leave the $239,000 example in the dust.

Thirteen bids have lifted it to $63,000. The auction ends on April 6.

Out of 1,000 submissions to PSA, the top grading company, only 12 specimens have ended up in mint holders and just one has graded higher as gem mint. Memory Lane’s example is perfectly centered in contrast to so many cards from the Play Ball set whose borders are titled to one side.


Magic: The Gathering’s Black Lotus sells for $166K at auction, doubling its value

Posted March 5, 2019 by Charlie Hall

The rare Black Lotus, the most sought after Magic: The Gathering card, recently sold on eBay for $166,100. That’s more than twice what a similar card sold for in July of last year.

The card in question dates back to 1993, and was part of the very first printing of Magic cards ever made. Also known as the Alpha set, these limited edition cards are easily recognized by their more rounded corners and black borders. The Black Lotus is a particularly powerful card as it gives players additional mana, which is used to power spells and summon creatures in the original collectible card game.


Tom Brady rookie card fetches record $400,100 at auction

Posted February 26, 2019 by Michael David Smith
ProFootballTalk - NBC Sports

Tom Brady has set another NFL record: Most expensive football card.

A card featuring Brady as a rookie sold for $400,100, the highest price ever for a football card, according to ESPN.

The card was part of the 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket collection, which produced only 100 such cards. The individual card that was sold in this auction is in mint condition, considered the highest quality of those 100 cards.


Brady rookie card sells for over $400K at auction

Posted February 26, 2019 by ESPN

An extremely rare Tom Brady rookie card has been sold for over $400,000 in an online auction.

The card, part of the 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket collection, was auctioned Monday for $400,100.

The auction was coordinated by eBay and PWCC Marketplace, which announced Tuesday that the $400,100 is the highest auction price in history for a football card.


Rare Michael Jordan basketball card sold on eBay for $350,000 after bidding war

Posted February 22, 2019 by Dan Cancian

A rare Michael Jordan basketball card was sold on eBay for a record price earlier this week.

The auction was handled by PWCC Marketplace on behalf of a private owner and a bidding war broke out over the memorabilia, with the selling price surging by almost $150,000 in the final two minutes.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the card is one of the Chicago Bulls’ Precious Metal Gems Green cards from the 1997-98 season, but only one of the 10 cards to be produced as insert cards for Skybox’s Metal Universe packs.

Jordan’s card is number six out of 10 and the only one to have been authenticated and graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator.


Are Sports Cards A Blue Chip Investment? Ask The New Owner Of The $350K Michael Jordan

Posted February 22, 2019 by David Seideman

A 1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems (PMG) Michael Jordan card just sold for $350,100 on eBay, smashing numerous records.

“It’s the most ever bid for a single Jordan card at public auction, and the third most expensive basketball card ever sold,” notes Rich Mueller, editor of Sports Collectors Daily.

The Jordan also set a new record for the most expensive basketball card sold on eBay and for a modern (post 90’s) basketball card ever sold.

Above all, these new records suggest that trading cards have become an alternative blue chip investment and a liquid, tangible asset for high-rollers. And the records demonstrate Jordan’s enduring popularity.

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