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1. What is the difference between Eye Appeal and Technical Grade?
The technical grade assigned by the grading companies is determined by a number of factors including surface and corner wear, surface presentation, centering, and others. Within each factor there is a range of acceptable conditions to earn a particular grade. For example, according to PSA’s stated standards, a NM-MT 8 can tolerate centering registration of 65/35 or better; as such, cards centered both 50/50 and 65/35 are eligible to receive a technical grade of NM-MT 8.

Eye Appeal refers to a card’s visual presentation – or how attractive the card is to the eye. Using the example described above, while a card with 65/35 centering and 50/50 centering are both eligible to earn a grade of NM-MT 8, the card with 50/50 centering is more visually attractive than the card with 65/35 centering.

2. PWCC already has a High End designation, and it seems that adding a second designation adds unnecessary layers. Will future designations be added?
No. PWCC-PQ and PWCC-HE will be the only assigned designations. The reason for only having these two designations is that the market only needs help recognizing the exceptional and superior examples of a card in a given grade. We understand that it’s not easy to judge these subtle but important eye appeal factors from just a scan, you need to be holding the card and have years of experience to identify the gems. Cards with an eye appeal of 0, 1, and 2 can typically be confirmed by reviewing the scans and reading our descriptions.

3. How does a card get reviewed for these designations, and how is the determination made?
Each vintage card (pre-1987) that is consigned to PWCC with an estimated value over $250 is reviewed by our two Consignment Directors and then queued up for the final assessment by our CEO and Founder, Brent Huigens. With 25+ years of experience handling vintage cards, Brent is able to identify those that present an exceptional or superior appeal with its assigned technical grade.

A key component to this program is that PWCC makes the determination without bias. Firstly, PWCC does not charge consignors for this review service. Secondly, the potential for any bias is further removed by doing the eye appeal review after all auction items are sorted by sport, issue, and year which shields Brent from any consignor information ensuring that the evaluation be based on visual presentation only.

4. Does PWCC charge for the review or charge different consignment fees for HE or PQ designated cards?
Absolutely not. PWCC does not charge for this service, offer a different consignment fee structure, or any other benefit for the service that could cause our assessment to be biased. It is critical that these designations be consistently awarded to cards strictly on their visual presentation with no other influence.

5. What training does PWCC have to assess eye appeal?
Because PWCC sells 15,000 items each month, our team sees more graded cards than any other auction broker. This affords us a unique and comprehensive perspective on the range of visual presentation for each issue. Additionally, although eye appeal has been a concept discussed in the market since its inception, PWCC has taken the lead in quantifying it and adding predictability to the variance in market value resulting from eye appeal range.

6. Did the third-party grading companies give PWCC permission to do this? What was their involvement in the creation of these designations?
PWCC Marketplace relies heavily on the expertise of the professional grading companies PSA, SGC, and Beckett. PWCC sought counsel from all three companies independently surrounding eye appeal and its long-standing effect on market value. Their awareness of this venture was prerequisite to our willingness to create the Eye Appeal Scale and unveil the new PWCC-PQ designation. They were also independent advisors in the creation of the already-adopted PWCC-HE designation which began in 2015.

7. Can a card get both stickers (both the HE and PQ designations)?
No. Cards with exceptional eye appeal (a three on the Eye Appeal Scale) will earn a PQ designation and cards with superior eye appeal will earn a HE designation. A card wouldn’t be issued both designations.

8. How did PWCC estimate the distribution of eye appeal across the population?
Although these figures will always be estimates and there is an inherently qualitative nature to the analysis, the distribution of visual presentation was estimated based on PWCC’s extensive knowledge of the market and exposure to more graded cards than any other venue.

9. Do the PWCC-HE and PQ designations impact the registries?
No. These designations are simply intended to call attention to cards with excellent eye appeal to facilitate investors participation in the marketplace.

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