The market has proven that trading cards are a tangible asset class and the mandate of PWCC Capital is to leverage these assets to better monetize trading card investing. Vault Loans, Auction Cash Advances, and the Capital Notes program provide PWCC Members with never-before-seen lending and investment opportunities in the trading card industry.


Vault Members can request a loan on their portfolio's conservative market value, using their trading card assets as collateral.

About the Loan
Request up to 40% of the stated market value of your graded trading card assets. We lend 40% for assets with solid price history and less for assets with more volatile pricing. We lend 0% on ungraded assets. Use a Vault Loan to finance up to 40% of a recent purchase if that purchase is to be stored in the Vault.

1% interest per month
90-day term with optional renewal
1% origination fee may apply

How to Request a Vault Loan
Email .
Include "Vault Loan Request" in the subject line.
A lending specialist will review your request and respond.

Cash Advances

Members selling through the PWCC Monthly Auction can request a cash advance on the conservative market value of their submission.

About the Loan
Up to 50% of the conservative market value of the total auction submission.

No charge.
Offered based on the availability of funds.
If desired, advances may be used to pay for PWCC Marketplace purchases.

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About the Note
Notes are issued throughout the year at varying interest rates.

6-9% interest. Paid monthly.
12 month hold.

How to Request a Capital Note
Email .
Include "Capital Note Request" in the subject line.
State a requested investment amount.
A lending specialist will respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

PWCC offers loans using trading cards stored in the PWCC Vault as collateral. The team will evaluate your portfolio and determine the loanable amount, which will be up to 40% the market value of your portfolio. To request a loan, please reach out to our customer service team at

Here are the terms of the loan program:

  • To initiate the loan there will be a 1% origination fee.
  • The maturity date of each loan will be 180 days from the date of the loan.
  • There is a 1% interest charge per month that will be billed monthly. Payment must be issued within 10 days of the interest invoice being received.
  • At the 90 day mark the borrower will have an opportunity to pay off the loan in full and stop the interest should they choose. At this time the borrower can choose to pay off a portion of their principal loan amount and refinance for the remaining 90 days.
  • If additional time is needed the borrower can reach out for an extension on the loan, otherwise payment will be due at the maturation date. All outstanding interest invoices must be paid to renew.

PWCC may be able to offer you an extension. If an extension is not available or desired, PWCC will sell assets in your Vault to pay back the balance owed plus any interest owed.

There are a number of ways that your advance can be issued to you. All funds are first recorded on your Capital Account. You can elect to leave your funds on your account to pay invoices or for future purchases. Or, you can elect to use your advance to pay an invoice. Or, you can request a payout. We can process payouts by ACH and check for free, or wire for $25. Please know that we are only able to issue advances on submissions that have been imaged by our team and are reflecting in your account on our website for the auction.

Advances are sent each Wednesday as part of our weekly payout. Advance requests must be submitted on our website before the end of the day on Monday to allow our team to review in time to be processed on that Wednesday. Please know that we are only able to issue advances on items that have been imaged by our team. Requests received on Tuesdays or later will be processed the following Wednesday.

Conservative Market Value is roughly 40% of the Market Value of the item. Market Value is determined using a proprietary algorithm evaluating past sales data and reviewed by our team of experts.

Any outstanding balances will need to be paid within 30 days of the auction closing date or another submission can be sent in to cover the balance due.

We would be pleased to use your auction submission proceeds to pay for your invoice!  If your submission has a conservative market value of at least 200% of the invoice amount, you will be able to request that it be paid in full. Otherwise, we will will need the remining balance sent outside of eBay to cover the total. Payment will have to be received by the payment deadline for the auction your items were purchased from. Advance requests must be submitted through our website and are only paid out on those submissions that have been imaged by our team. Email our team at if you have further questions!

Please contact PWCC Staff to ask about the current availability of notes. PWCC Capital will periodically raise funds through a formal fundraising event at varying times in the year on an as-needed basis, but will also be selling notes privately throughout the year. Please inquire regarding present-day Note terms, if available.

Capital is the lending arm of PWCC, providing clients collateral-backed loans against items in archival with the PWCC Vault or presently being sold on the PWCC Marketplace. Funds are never invested or exposed to traditional investment risk, and Note terms are short-term contracts in accordance with the cyclical nature of the funds use.

Capital notes are collateral-backed with only a modest percentage of the conservative market value of that collateral leveraged. PWCC lends millions of dollars every month and has been doing so for over 10 years, having lent well over $100 million in that time. To date, PWCC has never rendered a loan that was not repaid or recovered through asset liquidation. Regardless, you should assess your risk level and risk profile with your accountant and financial advisor.

Capital will sell notes privately on an as-needed basis with typical term lengths of 12 months and interest rates ranging from 6% to 9%. This is an open, supply-and-demand market and Capital will afford PWCC Clients an interest rate as is required, up to 9%, to meet the present-day lending needs of the market.

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