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Trading cards are a unique investment opportunity, representing an attractive blend of both the fine art and stock exchange marketplaces. The nostalgia, emotion, and visceral appeal of trading cards overlaps much of the attraction investors describe when referring to art, however, the asset liquidity and access to hardened statistics and market trends likens trading cards more with the world of traditional markets like the stock exchange.

As the largest auction house in the trading card market, PWCC empowers investors navigating this growing market by offering historical data, analytics and expertise. The opportunities are endless within one of the most personal, rewarding and entertaining investment classes.

Liquidity: The PWCC Vault and Trading Card Lending Services

Trading cards are the world’s most liquid alternative asset class. The trading card marketplace is a fluid environment, available to the masses, and is active 24/7/365 upon a highly stable platform with predictable market trends. The sheer volume of trades affords the trading card marketplace unrivaled access to data and subsequent market predictors, distancing trading cards from other alternative asset classes, and behaving more like a hardened investment.

PWCC Marketplace is committed to supporting the market by hosting monthly auction events which afford investors the largest array of investment-caliber trading cards worldwide. In addition, consignors receive free cash advances and payouts within just a few weeks of the consignment being received. Unlike other alternative asset markets where investors are forced to face lengthy sales processes and exorbitant transaction costs, the trading card marketplace is far more liquid.

Historically, investors in alternative assets such as fine art and wine could only leverage their invested funds by selling their assets. PWCC aims to break the mold and bring further liquidity to the marketplace by offering unprecedented access to capital. At the end of 2018, PWCC will unveil the PWCC Vault, a state-of-the-art secure and insured repository for high-value trading cards that provides investors safe storage, digital archiving, expert review, fulfillment services, as well as provide a line of credit leveraging the portfolio as collateral. This new suite of services is a valuable and integral offering for the trading card marketplace.

Unprecedented Access to Market Trends: Sales Data

PWCC has taken the lead in providing investors access to sales data by unveiling the industry’s inaugural Market Indices and Sales History tools, both free to the public and inclusive of over 200 million trading card sales going back 15 years. In Q2 of 2018 PWCC Marketplace received exclusive access to this historical eBay sales database for all trading card transactions. Sales data powers the trading card marketplace and sets it apart from any comparable alternative asset class.

The PWCC Market Indices are the first of their kind, reflecting how investment-caliber trading cards have largely outperformed the stock market over the last 10 years dating back to 2008. Not only does the trading card marketplace offer a wealth of liquidity, ROI is arguably this industry’s most notable attribute. Trading cards have proven to out-perform any competitive alternative asset class.

Expert Opportunity: Eye Appeal

Liquidity, data, and ROI speak to the traditional worlds of investment, but let’s not forget that trading cards are still an alternative asset class with an emotional appeal and investment considerations which distance themselves from traditional markets. The other half of the investment strategy story resides in a softer realm, more akin to the principals of fine art, where eye appeal and general market demand associated with an investment’s brand reign supreme. Eye appeal and the relative quality of a card within a specified technical grade significantly contribute to market value, and PWCC has taken the first steps towards standardizing this otherwise complicated topic, to provide investors structure and consistency on the topic of Eye Appeal.

Unlike stocks, trading cards and their respective eye appeal varies from card to card based on that card’s inherent production quality (sometimes 100 years into the past) as well as its relative preservation over the years. These two topics combine to define a card’s eye appeal and the degree to which a card presents desired attributes largely impacts market value.

In 2015, PWCC launched its Certified High End designation which applied to vintage cards (pre-1987) with a market value over $250. Only cards possessing eye appeal superior to the assigned technical grade were awarded the Certified High End designation. Such superior eye appeal is inherently scarce and over the course of nearly three years and 300,000 trading card auction lots sold, as of Q2 2018 fewer than 1500 vintage cards were awarded the PWCC Certified High End designation. Those 1500 cards realized, on average, an auction sale price 65% higher than the average market value at the time of sale. (Click here to download the complete statistical database).

While the Certified High End designation has been helpful in providing clarity, the marketplace continues to mature and starting June 1st, 2018, PWCC will offer its new PWCC Certified Premium Quality (PWCC-PQ) designation. While the High End designation continues to highlight cards with eye appeal superior to the assigned grade, the Premium Quality designation highlights cards which are consistent with the assigned technical grade but present an eye appeal in the 85-95 percentile of the cards population. Please see the Importance of Eye Appeal page for further detail.

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