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Outperforming the
S&P 500 Index for over 10 years.

The trading card market is about more than securing memories and collecting our heroes. This emerging marketplace represents a tangible asset class with real opportunity for investment growth and diversification. We’ve been tracking the performance of the most valuable sports trading cards over the past decade, and the returns are compelling, to say the least. Soon PWCC will unveil a series of market indices, unlike anything ever conceived, run entirely on market sale statistics, and designed to convey the performance of the marketplace over time.

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Trust. The bedrock of the PWCC marketplace.

The PWCC trading card marketplace enjoys a reputation built on trust, and it’s where buyers and sellers choose to trade and invest. Every auction is executed with the highest level of integrity and transparency. Leveraging a time-tested platform, we provide an honest bidding environment free of reserves and open to sellers and investors worldwide. Nothing is more valuable to us than the peace of mind you’re afforded when choosing to invest through PWCC.

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Sell on the Auction Marketplace

PWCC manages the largest trading card auction venue in the world, comprising 12 annual auction events which run every month of the year. Each event consistently features some of the finest trading cards in the world in an easily-surveyed format that reaches both hobby and investment minded clients alike.